About One Choice Can Change a Life

This website has gone through a series of changes as I more clearly define what it should be. You will find the stages of this evolution on the Home Page. It was first the website for my publishing company, Amethyst Moon Publishing. It not only housed book and author information, it also was a place to download author Pam McClelland's Budget Worksheet and Goal Sheet for use with her book Take Your Spreadsheet and Shove It: Using YOUR Personality to Achieve Financial Success.

As I have moved on to more personal topics, it now links to my online journal, Spiritual Imprint, Unveiling Our Entirety and Serenity Gift Boxes.

Life is made up of a series of choices. Every moment of every day we choose our next action or reaction. Much of the time we do this without ever giving it much thought. The impact of the choices we make can be momentary or last for generations and beyond. Taking the time to understand this can influence the decisions you make. This is not mentioned to scare you or keep you powerless to make a decision. Instead it is offered to help you realize that your choices may have power over lives other than your own and events outside of your own tiny realm. It is important for you to be aware that every choice affects your future and often the future of others. The effects can range from those that are fairly benign to being a major catalyst of change, and they may be positive or destructive. Some Native American traditions teach that the effect of our actions will be sustained over the next seven generations. Looked at from this perspective, we might make very different choices.